Mondays (except holiday Mondays), 7.00pm to 8.15pm

Looking For Way To Improve Your Well Being?

Qi gong (pronounced Chi Gong) is the art of breathing. Deep breathing is way to calm your nervous system, which helps in relaxation and improved sleep. Giving your body some time to repair and rejuvenate. This helps calms our very busy minds decreasing our stress.  In today’s world we are often running to work, driving our children to their commitments, and sitting in front of our computers too much.

Spring Forest Qi Gong incorporates simple and gentle movements that help you to open your energy meridians, creating more balance in your mind, body and spirit. $10.00 drop in fee.  This class is for everyone.

Diane Smith
Certified Spring Forest Qi Gong Instructor
403 829-3588